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And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us. And if our God is with us, then what can stand against…
Chris Tomlin—Our God

Our God—Chris Tomlin…stuck on this song right now like crazy

Colorado Road Trip Update…

As some of you know…Me, Jeff, and Moore are heading up to Colorado for a week to do some scouting, praying, and meeting up with the “big dogs” that’s already out there.  Just wanted to give a lil post of what we are doing during the week so that all of my prayer peeps can be prayin more specifically.  We will arrive Sunday night and Monday spend the day in Pueblo checkin some things out.  Tuesday we are gonna head up to Denver and spend the day with Desi, Noah, and the Crew.  Who are these peoples???

Lil story…after a discussion with some of my close friends about what God was doing in me with this whole Colorado thing, I was very down because some of my friends didn’t like it.  But the VERY NEXT DAY, I got my RELEVANT MAGAZINE and guess what one of the articles was???  There was a one page article on a person who MOVED TO COLORADO to plant ORGANIC CHURCHES.  Haha, now how awesome is that.  So they actually have a whole network of these churches that are spreading like a virus, taking over cities in Colorado.  Visit

It started in Denver and has spread to Colorado Springs.  So I got in touch with Desi (the guy in the article) and he sent my email to all his peeps that gather together and pray specifically for God’s Kingdom to come and that God would send out laborers into the fields.  I got major feedback.  I started receiving emails all over the place.  It was really funny because we are going to Pueblo, CO and they had been praying specifically for Pueblo the last 2 weeks (that God would send laborers to Pueblo to keep this virus spreading that started in Denver).  How awesome is that???  They actually received our email and another guy’s name at about the same time.  This “guy” is Richard.  We are going to be meeting Richard on Thursday.  Richard actually lives in Pueblo and has lived there most of his life.  He is an answer to prayer too because we were praying ourselves that God would send some peeps to us once we got out there that shared the same dream of the Kingdom coming and His Church becoming what its suppose to be.  We are moving out there into a community we don’t know with our thick southern accents, so it would seem to take a while to get into the community.  But God has raised someone up that’s already in this community so it’ll be even easier to get into the community and spread now.  Our God is Bigger than we know and He knows what He is doing!!!

We will be heading back early Friday morning and be back in G-Town late Saturday.  So pray for safety on the roads and that God would reveal Himself in a mighty way this week and that His people will realize how much power they have now to be His city on a hill.  Thanks Everybody!!!

Grace and Peace,


P.S.—we will be giving updates during the week on how things are going so keep checkin out the blog…hopefully we’ll get some pics up too…Love yall

Brian “Head” Welch—Love to see stories of what God does within peeps…Love this!!!

Faith doesn’t always know where it’s being led, but it loves and knows the One who is leading.—Oswald Chambers

Faith doesn’t always know where it’s being led, but it loves and knows the One who is leading.—Oswald Chambers

The Fray - You Found Me acoustic

The Fray | MySpace Music Videos

LOVE THIS SONG!!!  You Found Me—The Fray

The kingdom of God gives people back their humanity. It brings people back to the realization that we were made in the image of God and we were meant to be like Him, all of us!!! Let the Church bear His image, with the power of the Spirit inside of us, so that this world can see that they too were made in the image of God and meant to be holy like our God is too!!!
Marshall Northcutt

A beautiful picture of the Church singing its heart to God, not out of meaningless ritual, but out of the desire for their God!!!



We Want to Be Like You

At our last North House gathering (April 9th), Christal Haner shared a song written by Higher Point members during a Higher Point gathering. North House is a monthly regional gathering of a few of us in the north denver metro area. Our focus is listening to the Lord about His concern for our area.

Persistant Prayer

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